Relative Athletic Score Tables

Relative Athletic Score Tables

I’ve been working on RAS for several years now. The ultimate goal is to provide a place where you can look up measurements for NFL players and draft prospects and compare them to their peers in a number of different ways. One such method is using the scores I’ve developed. Up until this point, I’ve posted only small snippets of information about RAS. A player here, a draft prospect there, occasionally a list containing a set group of players or prospects. Never before could you look at the entirety of the RAS database.

Until now.

Below you will find links to each position covered by RAS. Within each is a table that lists every player and their RAS, along with their scores for each individual measurement used. They are not sortable yet, they’re just very basic tables where you can view the work that I’ve put so much time and effort into. As usual, you can check in with me for any questions you have @MathBomb on twitter, or drop a comment on the page and I’ll do my best to answer your questions and address any concerns.

This site itself is going to morph into one that has a number of useful draft tools to lookup and compare prospects from as far back as 1987. The URL will change as soon as I have more tools up and it’ll start looking like a proper website. For now, you can search through my tables and take a look at where your favorite players ranked based on their combine and pro day measurements.



Running Back


Wide Receiver

Tight End

Offensive Tackle

Offensive Guard

Offensive Center

Defensive End

Defensive Tackle



Free Safety

Strong Safety


  • Kent,

    Does your formula take into account important Positional Specific Measurements such as hand size for QB, arm length for CB/OL and height for WR? Or is it more just weight and combine testing? I have looked over the site for a little and can’t find what exactly is used. I know I probably overlooked it or missed it but if you could help me out, I’d appreciate it.

    • Damon, thank you for your interest! The formula does not take into account positional specific measurements at this time, only counting height and weight for size across all positions. In fact the same measurements are used across all positions, weighted equally across height, weight, 40, 20, 10, bench, vertical, broad, shuttle, and cone.

      There are some other calculations I use that take into account hand size and arm length to provide a composite size score, but those aren’t used in the basic formulas. RAS at its core is meant to be an easily understandable way to look at player measurements across positions, and to do that was impossible when taking into consideration all the various nuances you could think of.

      That isn’t to diminish those at all, though, only that the basic scores do not. The tool itself is going to be expanded so users can create their own scores based on whatever metrics they would like, so if for instance you wanted to use hand size in place of, say, bench for quarterbacks that would be totally acceptable. That functionality is not built out yet, however, it’s a little further down the road.

  • Kent,
    If the players are not selected to go to the NFL combine what system do you use to pull the pro day data and how do you confirm the accuracy of that information?

    • Derek,

      I collect the data from a myriad of sources, and because of that I began noting when the information was unofficial. Pro day information is “official” if it comes from a reliable source such as the school released numbers (the official ones include 20 and 10 splits, the public ones almost always do not). Most of the numbers get recorded on, which is where I double check the numbers I do not get from the schools.

      I get numbers from agents and even the players themselves, too, though I always ask for their approval to include in the database if that information isn’t already included in a public forum.

  • Where are the fullbacks? I’m wondering because I want to make your all-time RAS team into a team on MADDEN, which means I can have a 55 man roster. You mentioned that a fullback was a guy you had to pull out of your top 51, but since there’s no page for fullbacks, I can’t see who it was! (I guess since Mike Gesicki beat Davis this year, I can put Gesicki in at TE and change Vernon Davis to FB. 6’3″ is–barely–short enough to play FB).

    Also, I know you don’t do kickers and punters, but I’m sure you secretly have an idea who are the top RAS kickers and punters. For punters, I’m thinking one of Daniel Sepulveda and Pat O’Donnell. For kickers, I have no clue.

    • Sorry it’s taken so long to reply, I’ve been working on a data patch and then had a vacation.

      I do have fullbacks, I hadn’t noticed that I didn’t have them on the site. Since the data patch is complete, I’m going to be reloading all the tables this week, and I’ll be sure to add those. Should be completed by Friday.

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