RAS Metrics Download

RAS Metrics Download

Cost: Free!

I’m not charging for the tool and hope to never do so on the desktop. It’s taken a considerable amount of time and effort to put this together, and I will certainly welcome any donations to my PayPal so I can continue to provide player measurements from both combine and pro day for as long as you maniacs are still interested in this information. I will likely end up donating most of what is offered, but will use some of it to keep this project moving forward.


You’ve read all of my victory lap above, or at least skimmed past it, so here’s the bit you’re looking for:
1.2019.15 (6/18/2019)

RAS Metrics Windows Desktop

RAS Metrics MAC Desktop (Must be installed in Applications)

Windows Known Bugs: Hitting enter on the main filter will not filter, this is a known bug and has just been a little tricky to get to work. If you find any others, please let me know by contacting me on Twitter @Mathbomb or emailing me at kent.platte@gmail.com.

Windows Updated 6/18/19: Bug fixes.

Mac Updated 6/20/19: Newly launched! As this is the first version on Mac, I expect there to be bugs and issues, so please let me know of any you encounter and I will do my best to get them corrected for the next update, which should be around August 2019. As I have not yet received a Mac developer ID, the app is unsigned which means you may have to work around Mac security settings to get it to install (It is also why many of the features are currently disabled, as write access is trickier on a Mac than a PC). Feel free to let me know of any bugs at my handle on Twitter @Mathbomb or at my email at kent.platte@gmail.com. Have fun!

Instructions and Troubleshooting

Download the file using the link above. There is no installer, it’s just a zipped folder with the application all ready to go. Simply unzip the folder to wherever you like and then run the RAS Metrics application. You can move the included shortcut to wherever is most convenient for you.

The Menu should be the first thing you see when you open the application. The background should be black, as shown here, and show data in the table. If that is not the case, close the application and report the issue as this means the database is not being loaded properly.


If there are any other issues, you can contact me @MathBomb on Twitter or at kent.platte@gmail.com.



    • Getting the installer and update process smoothed out is job one right now, apple compatibility is right after that. Wish I had a time frame, but I do not.

  • Tried to download didn’t work, could you do an updated score on Amari Coleman CMU cornerback.

    • I’m sorry you couldn’t download, I’m assuming you have a Mac? (It only works on Windows right now).

      Amari Coleman posted a 7.45 RAS officially, with below average size and 10 split, but good numbers pretty much everywhere else.

  • Hi ya Kent- I just want to make sure I am doing this right to get the updates- so for the not so smart of us (me)- do I just download the update file or do I have to do something else? I am also not sure what to do to when d’loading the updated database- does it just go to the program? I can see both of the downloaded files in my d’load file just not sure what to do with them. Sorry if these are stupid questions!

    • No worries, it’s my job to make these things understandable!

      I’m still working on making the updates work automatically, I’ve got most of the code working but there’s a few fatal problems yet.

      The app is in a zip file, and all you need to do is extract it. Once you’ve downloaded the file, right click on it and select “Extract All”. Then pick wherever you want to store the file (I’m lazy and store all my stuff on the desktop, lol). Whenever you update, you just do the same thing and answer yes to overwrite the files. It will overwrite any files that were updated and add any new ones, nice and clean.

      • okay got it, thanks. Extracting now to my desktop- that is where I store all my frequently used icons and stuff as well. So should I make a new RAS Icon from that file or will the old one pick up the update?

      • My screen looks like it should, but when I enter a name nothing happens. And when I hit the filter button all the info that was there goes away and hitting the filter button does not make it go away. I will email you a screen shot

    • I had accidentally introduced bad code into the application and it was not functioning correctly, providing bad values for many players. I have fixed it and am preparing the update now.

      • Awesome, thanks for all the work!

        I do have a question, though. In the older version from last year, I could create a table (for example, I could see all 2018 DTs with a broad jump greater than 900), but I can’t figure out how to do that in the new version. My assumption was that I could use the measurements table to create a filter, but it doesn’t seem to work that way. Any suggestions for how to quickly set a few parameters? I like the thresholds setting, but to my understanding it only works after opening a RAS card — but it doesn’t give an easy to read table format. Any suggestions of how to accomplish that with the new version? Thanks!!

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