Mike Lee RAS

Mike Lee RAS

Mike Lee went undrafted for the NFL out of Kansas in 2020.

This player did not record a RAS either due to injury, choice, or due to metrics not being recorded.

He had a recorded height of 5094 that season, recorded as XYYZ where X is feet, YY is inches, and Z is eighths of an inch. That correlates to 5 feet, 9 and 4/8 of an inch or 69.5 inches, or 176.53 centimeters. This correlates to a 0.64 score out of 10.0.

He recorded a weight of 178 in pounds, which is approximately 80 kilograms. This correlates to a 0.24 score out of 10.0.

Based on his weight, he has a projected 40 yard dash time of 4.42. This is calculated by taking 0.00554 multiplied by his weight and then adding 3.433.

This player did not record any measurements at the NFL Combine that we were able to find.

At his pro day, he recorded a vertical jump of 29.0 seconds. This correlates to a 0.38 score out of 10.0.

At his pro day, he recorded a broad jump of 1002, which is recorded as FII or FFII where F is feet and I is inches. This correlates to a 6.87 score out of 10.0.

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