Baltimore Ravens RAS History

Baltimore Ravens RAS History

Here you can view, filter, and sort the Relative Athletic Scores for the Baltimore Ravens from 1987 to present. Relative Athletic Score, or RAS, is a composite metric on a 0 to 10 scale that is compiled by comparing a player’s metrics to every player from their position group from 1987 until the player’s draft year. If the player has at least six of these metrics, the average is compared to the average of every other player at that position from 1987 until the player’s draft year (so players from 2012 will be compared to all players from 1987-2012, but not players from 2013 and beyond).

A note on Averages: To view the correctly calculated average, you MUST select a RAS filter from 0 to 10. This will filter out players who do not have a score, so it is not turned on by default.

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