College Gridiron Showcase 2021

College Gridiron Showcase 2021

The 2021 offseason was expected to be a stranger one with the COVID pandemic still adversely affecting everyone’s lives and plans. THE NFL Combine, at least in it’s traditional form, was cancelled and we will instead be seeing metrics tracked in a method never seen before at college pro days. This created unique challenges for NFL teams hoping to evaluate the prospects they may draft, but even more so for the players themselves. The College Gridiron Showcase measurements for 2021 are one piece of the data that we gather and have added to the RAS database.

The unprecedented obstacles faced by the players and teams extend to the events that we normally use to evaluate NFL prospects, including here at Relative Athletic Scores. We rely on hard working scouts, media members, agents, even the players themselves to provide accurate measurements. This year, the good folks over at The Brawl Network provided the results of the weigh ins at CGS 2021, so if you’re not already providing them with support you can find them at their website, or any of the following superstars who put in the work to record this data:

College Gridiron Showcase
Mike Brez
Michael Schottey
Daniel Kitchen
Mitchell Wolfe

You can find out more about the College Gridiron Showcase, which took place on January 17-21 here. As we find out new results from the pro day circuit, we’re going to update the players pages, linked below. We’ll also be adding new features and information to highlight the players themselves and will be rolling those out in the coming days.

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