General Manager Candidates and RAS preference

On a whim, I decided to a look at what some of the NFL General Manager candidates might favor in regards to athletic testing and metric like Relative Athletic Score. So I compiled a list of as many candidates as I could think of and cross referenced that with the RAS database. It’s not super scientific and it doesn’t account for specific nuances to what position they were in and what decision making power they had, just where they were and how they drafted. Have fun!

If there’s anyone not mentioned that you’d like to see, either comment on the page or hit me up on Twitter @Mathbomb. I’ll eventually get around to adding current NFL GMs and decision makers as well as guys who might be candidates in the coming offseasons. For now, just enjoy!

note: Working on filters, but for now here’s who I have:

Adam Peters, Brad Holmes, Brandon Hunt, Brandt Tillis, Champ Kelly, Dan Morgan, DuJuan Daniels, Dwayne Joseph, Ed Dodds, Eliot Wolf, George Paton, Jeff Ireland, Jerry Reese, Joe Douglas, Joe Hortiz, Joe Schoen, John Schneider, Louis Riddick, Luke Dawson, Martin Mayhew, Mike Disner, Morocco Brown, Nick Caserio, Reggie McKenzie, Rick Smith, Ryan Poles, Samir Suleiman, Scott Cohen, Scott Pioli, Terry Fontenot, Thomas Dimitroff, Trent Kirchner, Will McClay

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