No Longer Taking Applications!
The response was overwhelming, enough so that I’ve decided to stop accepting applications. Stay tuned over the draft offseason as this opportunity will likely come up again. is looking to add a few interns to help expand site functionality, collect data for research opportunities, and to create and try out some new tools to make the draft cycle more fun and informative! For the last decade, RAS has been essentially a one man show, with only a brief period in 2022 where some assistance was required. That assitance was so essential to the site’s evolution that we’re now looking to move on from the solo act and to make the site even more useful to the draft community.

This is an unpaid internship opportunity that will run from May 2023 until January 2024, though the option for further association with the site may be evaluated at any time in a different capacity.

In addition to having mostly unlimited access to the RAS database, and the ability to run queries against it, you will have the opportunity to learn multiple coding languages in a live environment on a high visibility website that is used by Official NFL team sites as well as media sites across all 32 NFL team markets. You will be able to learn at your own pace and at your own level of intensity. All of your work will be credited to you, but if you wish it can be amplified through my own social media to provide visibility into your work and to gather feedback.

Simply fill out the questionnaire below and you can expect a response back sometime between now and the draft, though obviously we would not start until after the draft has concluded and we enter into the draft offseason.