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Have you ever wanted to look at two players side by side and see how they tested when compared to one another? Does that new rookie your team drafted remind you of a player from yesteryear and you’re curious how they stack up to one another? Are you new to RAS and you want to see how different players stack up to one another for their Relative Athletic Score? Want to compare two players’ testing numbers head to head? Now you can do just that! Using the search options below, you can find any two players and compare them side by side.

The compare will default to the position of the first player you select, but you can choose a different position if you would like. The card is saved as an image, so if you want to share it all you have to do is right click it and copy image. As always you are free to share and use these cards at your discretion, provided you reference back to this site, my social media account, Mathbomb, and credit this tool’s creator, Eric Watkins. Note: As this head to head comparison is all time, individual player RAS will vary from the scores shown on their own page or the main menu for the site. It will, however, match their all time score.

Let us see your favorite head to head matchups!

RAS Comparison

Rufail Khalifa Demontie Cross
Vaasa Royals - 2020 H2H RAS As SS Missouri - 1997
Hand: 1.19 1.06 Hand: 9.25
Arm: Arm: 33.375
Height 6022 9.36 7.09 6007 Height
Weight 214 8.30 8.11 213 Weight
Bench 13 3.26 3.98 14 Bench
40 yd dash 5.04 0.12 0.15 5.02 40 yd dash
20 split 2.88 0.24 0.08 2.94 20 split
10 split 1.73 0.43 0.05 1.8 10 split
Vertical 30 1.22 0.59 28.5 Vertical
Broad 903 1.46 Broad
Shuttle 3.70 4.36 Shuttle
3-Cone 7.44 0.93 0.82 7.45 3-Cone
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Player 1

Player 2

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