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With the 2020 season coming to a close, we’re doing a redesign to make things run faster and provide you with more options to find and filter your favorite players and prospects. It’s a lot of stuff, but most of it will be rolled out right here on the main landing page and you can navigate away from here.


RAS is provided free of charge, both the program and most of the data. If you would like to donate, you can help keep this going and help me add new features both in the program and on the site. Donations like these helped give me the support I needed to provide online every player with a qualified RAS, but if we can get more then I may be able to set up the site to allow you to search more dynamically and even run cards of your own directly from the site.



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Is there a player you’d like to check that you can’t find on the site? Have you done your own testing and you’re curious how you did? Give the RAS calculator a try and view the score!

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